The color of youth

You wouldn’t believe how many clients come in with a picture of their child, usually 5-10 years old, and ask me to replicate their look. There are a few problems here, starting with the most obvious. That child’s hair has probably never seen a tube of hair color or a bottle of peroxide in its existence, much less a strand or two of gray. Their effortless look is a result of a lot of time spent in the sun. It always manages to leave a seamless web of shimmery lightness diffused throughout the hair, and predominately on the ends. The sun doesn’t use a pattern or cover gray so herein lies the problem. Luckily, balayage is your answer. The painting technique creates softness by replicating the sun’s effects. It creates ribbons of color and pops of light strategically placed to have you looking brighter and more youthful in no time. Below is a client who made this request for her daughter’s beautiful sun kissed strawberry blonde locks.



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