Balayage and extensions

Some of you dark haired girls out there have dreams of becoming the next Gisele, or having her hair at least. Unfortunately, not all of us were born with thick full locks or on the beaches of Brazil. Here, I can help. Because the balayage creates natural sunkissed highlights you’re halfway there. No need to blast your hair to a white blonde if it’s resistant because with the help of extensions you can have longer, fuller, and brighter color in no time. A tropical vacation would be awesome but come in for some highlights and make your color pop with a few added extension strands and we’ll have you ready for summer in no time! Gia of Gia&Co. Salon who works with me in Dallas and also works in Beverly Hills is the hair indusrty’s most knowlegable expert on all things extensions. She works with clients on a daily basis to acheive this type of Ombre color enhancement. Check out this recent client who only has her tips balayaged in the first picture, and the second is enhanced with extensions.



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