Cool/Ashy Tones

When the undertones of the hair contain blue, violet, or green. These tones are the most complementary of people with fairer skin and lighter eyes.


A highlighting technique derived from the french term meaning”to sweep” The lightener is painted onto the hair which creates multidimensional color that can be big and bold or soft and subtle. It has the tendency to look more natural and will grow out more softly than a traditional foil service, which gives your highlights and […]

Double Process Color

A service that achieves and all over/solid blonde look. This is also known as a bleach & tone.


A temporary color added to the ends of the hair to add shine, tone, or depth and richness. It is the best way to compensate for fading in between color services. A gloss usually lasts about 4 weeks.  

Full Highlight

A highlight service that includes all sections of hair from the nape to the crown. This service can be for clients with short or long hair, most likely with shorter layers. It also creates an all over lightening effect without using an all over color.

Partial Highlight

A highlight that includes the hair sections above and in front of the ears. This service is the most common and is great for people with longer layers or one length hair.    

Mini Highlight

A highlight that includes only the hairline (face frame) and part. This is a great in between appointment or for someone looking for subtle results  

Tint or Single Process Color

Just applying color to the roots either to lighten, darken, or cover gray  

All Over Color

When color is applied (generally) to dry hair from roots to ends. This application gives a less dimensional and more solid looking end result