GCB premier

I just want to say good luck and congratulations to one of my clients, Kim Gatlin on her big premier tonight! She has been working so hard to make GCB on ABC a success and I’m sure it will be a hit! Everyone make sure you tune in Thursday March 15th at 8 to get […]

Ombre Hair Color

Ombré is a term the French use for shaded or shading. It’s relevance to the beauty industry has grown exponentially in the last few years thanks to a number of Hollywood starlets sporting the look. The trickle down to smaller, yet equally chic cities-Dallas-has arrived. It embodies a grown out look with darker roots and […]

Ombre Hair Color

Ombre is the technique of applying color so that it fades from one color into another without a visible line of demarcation.    

Located at 8411 Preston Road, Dallas, TX