• I moved to Leighanne from another salon and I love her work!

    — Trayce R.

  • Leighanne did the most beautiful Balayage Ombre color for me. I love the shades she picked.

    — Karen C.

  • I can't walk down the street without someone asking me about my hair color.....

    — Gia C.

  • LeighAnne absolutely SAVED my hair color! She is the best colorist in Dallas for corrective work.

    — Sarah B.

Hair Color Dictionary

  • Virgin Hair

    Hair that has never been color treated. It’s the equivalent to Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster..most people have never seen it

  • Semi/Demi Permanent

    Ammonia free hair color that is best used for glosses and Lowlights. This color fades out over time.

  • Permanent Color

    This includes ammonia which is the best for gray coverage or lightening the natural color. Permanent color grows out with little fading.

  • Tone

    Also known as the hue, the tones can be defined as cool, warm. or neutral  

  • Level

    The lightness or darkness of hair on a scale of 1-10. 1=black and 10=pale blonde  

  • Glaze

    Also known as a base bump, this service is used to lighten or soften the root color up to 2 levels.

  • Corrective Color

    Any time you are going from one color to another or are needing to even out multiple tones and colors to create balance. This service usually includes at least a 2 step process.